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Our Biggest Adventure

If you travel with someone, you’ll learn a lot about them. Among other things (because, you know, there’s so many things), you’ll see first-hand how they react to un-planned changes, how they pack, and how they treat other people. It can be a big deal – in my case, if we don’t mesh together well when we travel, it’s just not going to work. Luckily for me, we travel great together, and over the last four and a half years, Mitchell and I have had a lot of adventures.

Two months into our relationship, in 2012, we went to San Francisco.

We’ve seen Vegas.

Ok… we’ve seen Vegas twice.

We’ve watched our Cowboys play in Kansas City…

and in Chicago (it was freezing in Chicago)!

We’ve cruised…

And moved to North Carolina, where we fell in love with a lot of things…

like the Smokies..

and Gatlinburg.

We got to travel North a lot to explore more new places, like Gettysburg..

Washington, D.C..

and Nashville

Then, we moved across the country again, this time to South Dakota.

We checked Wyoming off the list.

Then we moved across the country a third time to our forever home in Florida.

And most recently, we finally crossed the pond together to go to Spain!

I wouldn’t trade these memories for the world, but I’m so excited to say that we’re about to embark on our greatest adventure:


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