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I am an Iowa girl living in North Carolina embracing all the east coast has to offer (and beyond).

As far as I can remember, I have loved traveling, and everything that comes with it (even airports!).  I grew up visiting my aunt in Illinois and then in Colorado with my grandparents every year, and it was always something I really enjoyed.

But then there was the first time I saw the ocean with my mom and sister when I was 16. Talk about love at first sight –  I think that was when I became officially hooked!


In college, I interned for a program that provided services to military kids. That program (along with my parents’ support) brought me to Florida, Germany, South Korea, Belgium, Japan, and Hawaii. It also sparked my love for the military culture.

I currently work on the Marine Corps base at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina – working for the military is a dream I’ve been working towards for about 7 years. Not only is working for the military a dream come true, but living on the east coast is also opening up so many different opportunities for travel (I am from Iowa), and I am only getting started!

Besides traveling, I love spending hours on Trip Advisor, reading other travel blogs, and planning my next vacation. But if you’re forcing me to think about hobbies outside of traveling, then I’d have to say I love drinking coffee, the Dallas Cowboys, our two cats, reading, pina coladas and Busch Light, a good game of Monopoly, casinos, and catching up with my friends and family. But I really love this guy:


Whether or not he loves traveling as much as me, I don’t think we’ll never know. But he always goes wherever I want, lets me plan everything from the hotel to our activities (even though he’d rather wing it), and never (literally) complains. He even drives most of the time 😉

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Melanie S.

    I am so loving having found your space through the 5 on Friday!! All your stops are helping me plan our adventures in our new RV (would have never thought to add New Bern NC). But I am loving this about me, especially the never knowing if he loves traveling as much as you. I am right there with you girl!! Thank goodness for wonderful men who help us follow our dreams!! Happy Travels!

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