Deep Creek in Bryson City, North Carolina

When planning our trip to Bryson City, one of the absolute must-do activities on my list was hiking to seeing a waterfall! Luckily, with just a little planning, we were able to make this happen relatively easily. Bonus: ONE hike, THREE waterfalls!

Bryson City, North Carolina

You may remember my last post describing how I came to find out about Bryson City, which was a picture almost exactly like this one that I found on pinterest:

Bryson City, North Carolina

Well, turns out this picture is in Deep Creek, home to a ton of fun stuff to do! As though the opportunity to go tubing in the mountains alongside waterfalls wasn’t enough to make me want to go, Deep Creek also offers hiking, biking, cabins, fishing, and more, but it is specifically known for its streams and waterfalls. This is when I discovered they have a short hike that offers you not only one, but three waterfalls.

Bryson City, North Carolina

It was a simple hike to all three waterfalls. The hike to the first waterfall was the only time I would consider the endeavor an actual hike, and that was only 0.6 of a mile. This is also coming from someone who is severely out of shape. The rest of the time, we were walking along a path, and it didn’t feel like we were putting forth much effort at all.

Bryson City, North Carolina

Juney Whank Falls was the first waterfall, and also happened to be the one that I was least impressed with (yes, the one that was the most difficult to get to). Other traveler pictures show the waterfall with quite a bit more water than what we experienced, so my guess is that it was pretty dried up while we were there. Juney Whank Falls is viewed by a bridge, which adds a special touch to this particular waterfall. We also talked to a local who told us that Juney Whank Falls are said to be named after a man believed to be buried in the area, although some other locals believe Juney Whank is the Cherokee meaning for “where the bear passes”.

Juney Whank Falls in Bryson City, North Carolina

Tom’s Branch Falls is the waterfall you see so many tubers and floaters pass by, the exact waterfall that inspired our trip to Bryson City. There’s something special to me about Tom’s Branch Falls, and I think it’s just that I’m obsessed with the fact that you can tube right by it. Maybe I’m easily amused, but how many times do you get to do that in your life? We also saw some tubers set their tubes aside and climb amongst the waterfall. We weren’t wearing proper attire so we passed on that opportunity.

Bryson City, North Carolina

Indian Creek Falls was my favorite! This is also the farthest away from where you will park your car, but so worth it, especially because it truly is a simple walk! We also kept stopping to peer out at all the people tubing the river. We found ourselves surprised that we were up so high because it honestly did not feel like we were on an incline at all.

Bryson City, North Carolina

Our hikewalk (I think that should be a word) was approximately 2.4 miles total. So if you are visiting the area for a weekend, like the situation almost always is for us, then it’s perfect for a half-day activity (give or take). Instead of taking a crazy several-hour hike, we were able to see three waterfalls while also crossing off a few other items on our bucket list that day.

Bryson City, North Carolina

See that little baby waterfall behind us? That’s the Juney Whank waterfall.

Helpful Recommendations:
If you are uncomfortable with hiking, you could skip the first waterfall (Juney Whank Falls) and just walk along the more-developed paths (they’re essentially well-maintained roads) to the other two waterfalls.

Once you start the hike, there’s nowhere to buy or drink water so I recommend bringing your own. We did not plan ahead so we didn’t have water, but we were fine because the temperature was mild that day.

If you are interested in tubing, you have to carry your tube to wherever you want to start from. This might seem like common sense to some, but in my tubing history, we’ve always mapped it out to where we could end in the same place we started, or we would bring two vehicles (one to drop off at the start, and one for the end); neither of these are options here. Also, while we enjoyed watching the people tubing, I’m not sure how much they were enjoying it – the water was pretty cold, and it was also very low (and it’s rocky!). I believe the water was lower than usual when we visited, so that might not be how it always is, but I’d recommend checking it out before committing to walking a long distance with your tube!

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