Devil’s Tower in Wyoming

Mitchell and I had a four day weekend together for Christmas. A big blizzard was in the forecast for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so we anticipated getting stuck at home (not that I was upset about that!) and decided to get out of the house while we could on Friday.

Mitchell had never been to Wyoming, and I wanted to check out Devil’s Tower, so with it being only a 2 hour drive away, it seemed like the perfect destination. Last month, I was honored to attend a 3-day training on Native American culture and tradition where I learned a little about Devil’s Tower, making me appreciate it all the more. Lakota Native Americans have their own name for the tower called Mato Tipila, which means “Bear Lodge”, and other tribes have different names for the tower as well.

I love the story of the tower, which is that there were two Native American children who had gotten lost. They were chased by a giant bear, and could not find a place to hide. The kids began praying; the earth shook and rose where the children were standing; it rose so much that the bear could no longer reach the children, though he tried. It is said that the ridges are on the side of the tower are from the bear trying to climb the tower to reach the children.

Before moving to South Dakota, I read a blog on Devil’s Tower. In that blog, the writer mentioned that if you are in the area, chances are that the only reason you’d be visiting is to specifically visit Devil’s Tower. Although I don’t know that there is anything else to see in the area, simply driving around was absolutely beautiful, especially with the snow. It was a beautiful drive from every angle, and I highly recommend going not only for the views but for the scenery on the way as well!

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