Five on Friday

It has been a particularly few hectic weeks at work. I think it’s starting to finally wind down a little bit, but one of my co-workers shared this the other day, and it really made me laugh. I wouldn’t trade my choice of career for the world, and I absolutely love it but you really have to have a sense of humor to survive. Laughter is what helps me get through the day.

Blue Ridge Parkway

As I mentioned last week, we are off to the mountains this weekend! We plan to make the 5ish hour drive after work on Friday. We plan to ride the train out of Bryson City on Saturday, followed by a short hike to a waterfall, then maybe drive the Blue Ridge Parkway again if it isn’t cloudy (I am bound and determined to catch a sunset from the Parkway one of these times!). Of course, we will be fitting in some casino time and a couple drinks as well. We will be driving back on Sunday so it’s just a short trip, but I took Monday off of work to recuperate 😉

Blue Ridge Parkway

We went to the North Carolina State Fair on Saturday! I will devote an entire post to this later, but we had a great time. It was the first time ever going to a state fair outside of Iowa for both of us. We ate a lot of good food, rode a couple of rides, played a couple of games, and had a great time.


You may already know that we are big Cowboys fans, and even though I’m afraid we might be in for a long season, we love football and spend most of the day watching it in our sweatpants. We also have a tradition to make snack food and eat all day long. This weekend I made broccoli cheese soup, buffalo chicken dip, and these peanut butter balls. The peanut butter balls were a new recipe, and not only were they so easy to make, but they were to die for! I really don’t like baking (too tedious for me) but this is going to be my go-to for dessert, and I’m going to make them for Thanksgiving when we head to Florida to visit Mitchell’s family.


Today is the 32nd anniversary of the Beirut bombing. Here in Jacksonville, they have a memorial which I have visited a couple of different times. I just wanted to take a minute to remember all of the sacrifices that have been made so that we may live the lives that we are accustomed to.

Beruit Memorial in Jacksonville, North Carolina


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