Five on Friday

When we moved to South Dakota, one of the things that I missed most about North Carolina was simply my day-to-day life. Those were things I didn’t document because I didn’t even realize at the time that they were “things”. So I’m bringing back Five on Friday, because I’ve enjoyed looking back at them, and I’m sure that one day I will also miss my stage of life, and day-to-day life in this moment, too.


I feel like I have been doing nothing except traveling since October. I had a work trip to Minneapolis at the end of October, we have made several trips to Iowa, one weekend trip to our beloved Deadwood, and I went back to North Carolina for a dear friend’s wedding. While I’m feeling inspired by all of the traveling that I’ve been doing, I’m also exhausted, and I’m really looking forward to a laid back 4-day weekend for Christmas. We are planning lots of food, football, and kitty cuddles. My mom might even make the trip to spend Christmas with us this year. Next weekend it’s back to Iowa again for Mitchell’s family Christmas.

The picture quality is poor, but it resembles all of the different weather conditions I’ve had while traveling in the past few months!


It’s no secret to those who are close to me that our transition to South Dakota was a rough one for me. I picked up the book This is Where You Belong and it has honestly been life changing. It has taken me several months to read because I have to keep putting it down to process the information because I relate so completely to everything she talks about.


It has been about 2 years since I’ve seen real, legit, full-on snow, and I was so excited to experience a real Midwest winter again. That excitement didn’t last long after driving 8 hours in bad road conditions, though! We are expecting a blizzard Christmas Day, though, and with no plans I am so excited to drink hot tea (or maybe some wine) and enjoy it from my couch.


One of my best friends from North Carolina got married last month, and I was so honored to be a part of her big day. I love getting to go to the rehearsal, get your hair and makeup done, and be a part of something so special – it’s like being behind the scenes of something most people don’t get to experience. And being back in North Carolina felt so comforting to me; when I was flying into Raleigh, it felt like I was just flying back home from visiting. It fills my heart to have so many places to call “home”, and so many special people in each of those places.


Mitchell and I have planned our first (hopefully of many) trips to Europe together! We will be traveling to Barcelona in April as we discovered a good deal on flights that we just couldn’t pass up (I mean, literally my flight to North Carolina for the wedding was more expensive than the ones we found to Barcelona – how could we say no?!). I have been planning and pinterest-ing and dreaming of Barcelona – I am so excited! Have you been to Barcelona? What would you recommend?

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