Five on Friday

Five On Friday!

Mitchell has been back in Iowa for about a week now, and will be coming back home on Sunday. His trip back to Iowa coincided with my mom going back home from visiting me, so not only did I have to return to the real world after a relaxing and wonderful vacation with my mom, but I also had to return to an empty house. I must admit that although I love having the house to myself (honestly, when will I ever be completely alone for one full week again?), I miss him and I’m so excited for him to be home!


Hard to believe this was just 8 days ago. I hardly remember what the sun looks like!

Earlier this week, we were anticipating Hurricaine Joaquin this weekend; it looks like she’s going to be too far away from us to do much, which I’m thankful for. It would have been my first hurricane, and I was pretty nervous all week. I’m looking forward to a weekend of sweatpants, pumpkin-flavored coffee, and snuggling up on the couch with my cats and a good book. And, of course, I’ll be traveling to Raleigh (assuming Mother Nature allows it) to pick up Mitchell from the airport on Sunday.


This is the most accurate forecast I’ve seen so far

Anchors. I love anchors. I loved anchors before they were cool. I have an anchor tattoo with a chip in it, which symbolizes the inability to stay in one place for too long/the inability to be tied down (translation: travel). I had met someone in Key West who had a similar anchor tattoo, and told me of its meaning and I knew right then and there that this was the exact tattoo I was meant to have. Not only do I love anchors (I have really enjoyed my time working for the navy), but Key West is my favorite place in the world (where I got the idea), and of course, the meaning behind it sealed the deal.


I got the tattoo with my mom and sister, and this was right when it was fresh. Ignore the nasty shoes I’m wearing – I didn’t even realize those were the shoes I was wearing until my sister took this picture, ha.

So anytime I’m shopping and see something with an anchor on it, I usually have to have it. Well, on vacation in a beach town, that isn’t hard to find. So I went a little crazy and added to my collection! I am not used to having endless opportunities of anchor stuff. And, I must add this confession: I really didn’t need that tote because I also have an obsession with totes, and I have way too many already. But I loved it too much to pass up!


The bottom left bag matches the beach tote my best friends gave me perfectly, and it will be perfect for storing things I don’t want to get sandy, like my Nook, phone, keys, ect and the one on the top is going to be my new makeup bag


This might be kind of cheesy, but I started 100 Days of Happiness on my Instagram. Before vacation, I was in a horrible funk. I was really negative and downright miserable. I love living in North Carolina, but sometimes my job really sucks (just like anyone else’s) and not having as many friends to vent to at Happy Hour after work takes a toll. Thankfully, vacation left me feeling refreshed and to keep that feeling and to stay in the right mind frame, I decided to join my co-worker who is also doing the 100 Days of Happiness. I am really trying to become a more positive person overall, and I already feel like I’m in a better state of mind (follow me on Instagram).

FullSizeRender (1)

I have been reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (the author of Gone Girl). Unfortunately, my Nook is malfunctioning so I haven’t been able to finish the book which is killing me. So far, it has been impossible to put down, and I honestly contemplated heading to Target to buy it just so I can finish it. But I know that Mitchell will be able to fix my Nook, so I suppose I’ll (impatiently) wait it out.

Hope everyone has a good week!




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