Flashback Friday: Las Vegas!


In the move to North Carolina, I managed to misplace my USB that has all of my pictures on it. I know that this violates everything everyone has ever told you about having your photos backed up, and believe me, I have learned my lesson. It was really scary not knowing if I’d ever see those pictures again (although, in my defense, I thought they were backed up on my external hard drive). Luckily, my mom found it for me, but until it arrives in the mail, that brings this week’s Flashback Friday to Las Vegas, since those are apparently the only pictures from a trip that I actually do have backed up.


Despite Vegas not really being a  place I had an interest in visiting, it is also the only place I have been to 3 times. This is because not only did I fall in love with Vegas, but it’s also a convenient place to visit. Hotel fares are almost always reasonable, and so are plane tickets. A lot of people complain that Vegas is expensive, but in my opinion, it can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be.


Are you a gambler? It might be more expensive (or you might win big). Are you a clubber? Again, it might be more expensive. We are both gamblers and drinkers, so to make our budget for Vegas more reasonable, we set aside a specific amount of money every day – once it’s gone, we’re done regardless of whether it’s 11 am or 11 pm. We are drinkers, but not clubbers, which also saves money both on drinks and on potential cover fees. We get free drinks when we gamble, and find beer to be inexpensive at the souvenir shops along the strip. We once got these touristy drinks, which promptly put me to bed for the night at 3 pm (which I’m still getting made fun of for).


I think I have mentioned before that I am one of those travelers who likes to see and do everything possible. Vegas is a good place for people like me because it kind of consumes you – the lights, the people, the casinos, the drinks – you just kind of forget about everything else and allow yourself to live in the moment.

I love that they have little kiosks around Vegas where you can take your picture and upload it to Facebook!

I love that they have little kiosks around Vegas where you can take your picture and upload it to Facebook!

The first time I was there, I did no planning. One of the girls I worked with in Japan lives in San Diego, and Vegas provides us a fun and cheap place to meet up. She has been to Vegas several times, so I just depended on her to show us all the cool stuff. I am mentioning this because I had no idea what to expect, and just want to emphasize what Vegas was to me before I truly understood: just a lot of walking to look at random stuff.


My friend, Jessica, who I was lucky enough to meet up with in Vegas two years in a row!

Obviously I love Vegas, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone back two more times! Part of what I originally thought is right, you really are just walking from place to place, but now that I know what I am looking at, I appreciate it so much more. Let me fill you in, if you don’t already know, each hotel has something unique and special about it to experience or look at.

The top of the stratosphere

The top of the stratosphere


I can’t write about what each hotel has to offer, or we’d be here forever, so I will just share my favorite with you; the Bellagio! It has a room that they change out several times per year. I love checking it out to see how it will be decorated, and I’m never disappointed! I am also in love with their lobby – which, as you can tell by the picture below, so do a lot of other people.


I have also never stayed the same place in Vegas twice. I have stayed at the MGM, The Tropicana, and The Flamingo; and also stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget for part of the 3rd trip. I love them all for different reasons, and would recommend each of them!

With my sister at the Golden Nugget

With my sister at the Golden Nugget

My favorite part of Las Vegas is visiting downtown. To me, it is all what I pictured Vegas being: bright lights, people everywhere, lots of drinks! I especially love the light show on the “ceiling” and the free concerts! They even have a casino with old machines that literally spit out coins like back in the day, which I think is really cool!


So if you’re looking for specific things to do, I’m sorry that this post probably wasn’t helpful. There is so much to do in Vegas, and you can’t go wrong; I love visiting the Coca Cola store and the M&M Factory every visit, and there is no shortage of museums, shows, clubs, casinos – literally everything! Then, of course, there are roller coaster/amusement rides, aquariums, and other day trips you can take (like to the grand canyon). My advice is to see where it takes you – don’t plan, just enjoy the ride!


The Rio is a bar with a great view!

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