Flashback Friday: Salzburg, Austria


Today’s Flashback Friday brings us back to December 2007. I was interning with Camp Adventure in Hohenfels, Germany and we were given an extra-long weekend for Christmas. Two co-workers and I decided to use our extra time to go to Rome. Since that was quite a haul from where we were, we broke up the trip by spending about a half day in Salzburg.

Let me just start by saying that Salzburg in January is not exactly an ideal time of year to visit. It was freezing and because we didn’t have much time, we didn’t want to waste valuable site-seeing opportunities warming up.


It truly was as cold as this picture makes it look!

Despite the cold, I fell in love with Salzburg immediately. In fact, as I was going through my pictures for this post, I was shocked at how few pictures I had. While the snow only makes Salzburg more beautiful than it already is, it is to blame for having so few pictures — it was so cold that it wasn’t worth digging into my backpack to get the camera out (which I now regret).

We walked through the old city, and made our way to Mozart’s birthplace. There, we learned a lot of interesting information about Mozart, his family, and the inspiration behind his music.


Mozart’s Birthplace

We also paid a visit to the Salzburg Cathedral (Dom), which was nothing less than breathtaking.


We were there right before Christmas (December 23rd, to be exact) so there were a lot of Christmas trees and gift shops. Most notably, there were little Mozart chocolate shops everywhere.


A store filled with Mozart chocolate – because who doesn’t love some good Mozart chocolate?!

There were many places I wanted to visit in Salzburg, bud didn’t have the time. Salzburg is known for where The Sound of Music was filmed. There are many tours specifically for this, but we didn’t have time to take one. I am also under the assumption that these tours would be better in the summertime -after all, the Sound of Music wasn’t filmed while there was snow on the ground!

I also would have loved to have visited the Salzburg Fortress, but it was closed. Mirabell Palace and Gardens is another stop that I’d love to see one day, but another stop that is, once again, probably more appropriate for summer. This is just a short list of places that I would love to go back and see – of course, there are many more!

I definitely would love to go back to Salzburg in the summertime, although it’s impossible to deny its beauty even in the middle of winter. Even if it had been nice out, one day is definitely not enough!

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