Flashback Friday: Sea Trek Adventures in St. Maartin


I went on a 10-day cruise in 2011, which stopped at 6 different ports. I stayed really busy and active throughout the duration of the cruise, trying to take advantage of every second. Because I’d stayed so busy, by the time I arrived in St. Maartin, all I wanted to do was lay on the beach.

Can you blame me for just wanting to sit here for an entire day?

Can you blame me for just wanting to sit here for an entire day?

But then I heard about something called a Sea Trek. Somehow, I had never heard of such a thing, and if you haven’t heard of it either, basically you wear a helmet on your head that allows you to breathe in oxygen underwater. It is a short excursion: you take a short boat ride, get a 15 minute instructional/safety briefing, then spend about an hour under the water (that’s my way of saying that I still got some beach time in).

The views on the way to the dive are gorgeous!

The views on the way to the dive are gorgeous!

I wasn’t prepared to feel nervous, but the second I put my foot on the ladder which would eventually lead me about 20 feet underwater, I swear I started having a panic attack. Also – the helmet, which only weighs about 15 pounds underwater, is approximately 75 pounds above water! I must mention that the crew does hold the helmet off of your head, so you’re not actually carrying 75 pounds.


Even though I was nervous, I got over my fear almost instantly. Going on a Sea Trek isn’t like snorkeling or scuba diving where you choose where to go or what you look at, at least not in my experience. On my sea trek, there was a little path that had been built underwater, and it even had railings to hold onto. The staff was always nearby, and pointed out different sea life to everyone. I was even able to hold a few different creatures!


I don’t know how to explain how unique and exciting this experience was for me, as usual I think I just have to get the pictures to do the talking. I went into this experience with no expectations, but it’s one of the coolest things I have done. I have always loved snorkeling, and would love to get scuba certified; this experience only made me want to become scuba certified even more!


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