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At this time last year, the weather was cold, cloudy, and rainy most of the time. This week, we were greeted with temps in the 70’s every single day, with¬†two days actually hitting 80 and 81! Added bonus? No humidity (yet); something pretty rare for North Carolina. I’ve been going to the beach almost every night after work to walk and thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures with you from the past 2 weeks.

North Carolina Turtle

This “little” guy was actually not found at the beach; he is one of many turtles rescued by a local after people try “adopting” them then realize they are too much to care for. I wish that I had more information on this guy and the other 40 turtles he lives with, but I was so excited to see him that I forgot to ask for more information. I can tell you that he currently weighs approximately 400 pounds!

North Carolina Shark Tooth

I was not even looking for shark teeth when I found this! I happened to get very lucky and it was just laying right in front of my walking path!

North Carolina Beach Walkway

I think I will forever get butterflies when I first view the ocean!

North Carolina Beach North Carolina Beach Walkway North Carolina Pier

How is the weather where you are, and what are you doing to get outside more?

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