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Flashback Friday: Korea Mud Festival!

This week, July 17 – 26th, South Korea will be holding their annual mud festival. In honor of this unique event, I bring you my own experience at the Mud Festival in today’s Flashback Friday!IMG_0682

The Mud Festival is held in Boryeong, South Korea, which is a very small town right on the beach. The tradition started in 1998, and now millions of people attend this week-long festival. The festival started with the purpose to bring awareness to the mud, which is actually cosmetic, as it contains ingredients which provides benefits to the body. The mud festival holds many events. I know I am missing a lot of events, but some of them include: ziplining, inflatable slides, bounce houses, mud wrestling, and so much more. Oh, and lots of beer.

IMG_0613 (2)

Basically, you spread mud all over your body delicately using your hands, or you roll in it like a crazy person. Then you get to go to the beach to wash off. It’s that simple. And that fun.


At the time, I was there with the Camp Adventure program, which strictly prohibits anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol. Period. I was 20 years old at the time, and it didn’t matter that the legal drinking age was 19 in Korea because the program follows US rules/laws. Normally, we’d ignore those rules and drink anyways (unless you’re a Camp Supervisor reading this, then I’m just kidding), but our supervisor had kindly arranged transportation for the 115 mile journey, accompanied us on the trip, and monitored us closely.


At the time, I didn’t care that we weren’t able to drink because I was so mesmerized by the whole experience, but I do think it would have been a much different experience if we had. I definitely would like to go back again and see what the festival is like with a couple drinks 😉


We enjoyed the beach and explored the cliffs, which were beautiful. We also got absolutely fried – not fun when you work with kids (read: having to be very active when you really just want to coat yourself with aloe vera and lay on the couch) and have to wear a uniform t-shirt.


I wish I had better and more pictures, but 7 years ago I had no idea that I’d want to be sharing my unique experience with the world!


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