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Flashback Friday: Denver, Colorado

Since I am a little late starting this travel blog (like, maybe 10 years late), I thought it would be appropriate for my first post to be a “flashback” on the place that I feel is responsible for initiating my love of travel… Denver, Colorado. I grew up visiting the Denver area with my grandparents to visit my aunt.

My aunt and uncle still live there, so in 2010, my mom, my aunt’s family, and I went back to Denver to visit, and we got to see a lot more of what the Denver area has to offer. All of these places are within a 3-hour radius of Denver. But first, let me start you off with a picture of my aunt’s backyard:


The Royal Gorge

Located in Canon City, Colorado, The Royal Gorge is a canyon on the Arkansas River. For lack of a better word, it’s huge.IMG_20150614_215843

There is lodging nearby, and there is a tourist center as well as places to eat. You can walk across the bridge, or you can take a gondola ride. There is also a slingshot ride which will toss you right over the side of the canyon (in a harness, of course). In this picture, you can see the gondola, which I feel puts how enormous everything is into perspective.


White Water Rafting
I consider myself to be somewhat of a thrill-seeker, and I was really excited to try white water rafting. I did not expect it to be terrifying, though. I blame it on not knowing what to do – turns out, a lot of teamwork is required in order to navigate the raft and our raft guide was awful – while we watched all of the other groups practicing what to do in the water, he told us we’d “figure it out when we got in”. We had someone fall out within the first 5 minutes in the water, and we didn’t feel comfortable in the water until it was time to get out.


Air Force Academy
The Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs, and it’s a military academy for officer candidates. My favorite part of the academy was the chapel:

Olympics Training Center
Also in Colorado Springs is the Olympic training center. It’s around $5 for a tour, and very informative! And of course, you have to take a touristy picture like this:

My family also hiked while we were there, but I hurt my knee and wasn’t able to go. Since our primary purpose was to visit my aunt, we didn’t see as much as we could have in a 5-day period. But this is a good start, and we will definitely be back!

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