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2015: My Year in Review

2015 was very much a monumental year for us. Not only did I take a new job that will ultimately get me where I want to go, but we also got to travel to so many new places, and see so much. Here are some of our highlights from this  year!

We started off our year with a bang when we went on a cruise with Mitchell’s family; our 7-day cruise visited Grand Turk, San Juan, Saint Thomas, and Half Moon Cay. A mere 2 days after the cruise, we packed up everything and drove halfway across the country to start a new life in North Carolina.

I didn't have high expectations for this beach, which is privately owned by the cruise company, but Half Moon Cay was one of the most beautiful beaches I've been to with sand so soft I swore it was powdered sugar!

I didn’t have high expectations for this beach, which is privately owned by the cruise company, but Half Moon Cay was one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve been to with sand so soft I swore it was powdered sugar!

We spent most of February trying to get settled in North Carolina, and didn’t do a whole lot of traveling. We went to an over-crowded chocolate festival 40 minutes away and made our first trip (of many) to Wilmington. And, oddly enough, I don’t have many pictures of Wilmington despite our many trips there!

March brought our first visitors from Iowa, and we went to Myrtle Beach for the first time. We didn’t do a whole lot of touristy activities due to time, but we did explore the WonderWorks Museum, ate at a nice restaurant, and enjoyed our hotel’s hot tub. We learned the value of having a tourist destination so close to us, something we aren’t used to!

Beautiful Sunset at Myrtle Beach

Our love for gambling brought us on a spontaneous trip to the mountains in Cherokee, where the closest casino is; this is something completely new to us as we’re used to being within an hour of 3 casinos. On our way home from Cherokee, we briefly explored Asheville (didn’t love it) and took in the mountain views.

There's a good view around every turn in Cherokee

There’s a good view around every turn in Cherokee

May brought us our first 3-day weekend together; we obviously took advantage of this time and went to Gettysburg which was such a unique experience and travel destination. On the way home, we took a minor detour and hit up the casino in Baltimore. And even though this isn’t necessarily a travel experience, one of my favorite memories since moving here was in May; on my birthday, we rented a kayak and took it to a sandbar where we fished, found crabs, and drank beer all day.


From about March to August, Mitchell was working 6 days a week with the only exception being Memorial Day weekend. We had to be creative in our travels, and I didn’t want to stretch Mitchell too thin. That means most of our weekends were spent at Topsail Beach, about 45 minutes away from our house. We made an exception one weekend when we took a ferry to Shackleford Banks where wild horses roam the small island!

Horses and a beach at the same time? Um, yes please!

Horses and a beach at the same time? Um, yes please!

We crossed off one of my Bucket List items in July by going to Washington, D.C. for the 4th of July. I have always wanted to see the fireworks at the National Mall ever since I saw them on TV as a kid. Even though the rain made it a much different experience than I had imagined, it was still incredible to cross off such a big thing from my bucket list. We also moved from our crappy apartment to a nice, big house!

Washington, D.C.

In August, we mostly enjoyed Mitchell working normal hours again and finished settling into our new house. We knew that September was going to be a busy travel month so we laid low other than a day trip to New Bern.

New Bern, North Carolina

Labor Day weekend was spent in the mountains. Of course I loved the mountains when we visited in April, but it was this trip that made me fall madly in love. We explored Bryson City and made plans to return when the leaves began to change. Two weeks after our mountain trip, my mom came to visit and together we tackled Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, and Topsail Island.

Charleston, South Carolina

October brought us back to the mountains for an incredible weekend. We explored a little more of the mountains than just the casino (only half joking), took a train ride, and just took time to enjoy ourselves. I’m not quite sure how we got so lucky, but the weekend we were there was the most perfect weekend for fall-color-viewing! We also checked out the North Carolina state fair! Iowa is known as being one of the best state fairs, so checking out a different one was a good experience, and it was so weird to be chilly at the state fair, since ours is in August!

North Carolina State Fair

November brought us a spontaneous trip to Washington, D.C. Let me tell you, spontaneous trips here bring you to much cooler places than what we are used to! And spontaneous trips are the best trips, especially when you can get away during non-tourist season (hello, cheap hotels and no lines!). We visited Mitchell’s family in Florida for Thanksgiving and had the best time there, too. They took us to the beach and we went boating every day. Also, this may be surprising, but we hit up the casino in Tampa on our way home.

Path to a Florida Beach!

It would only seem fitting that the year would end the same way it began – traveling halfway across the country. My mom got a new car and sold us her old one, so I flew home for the holidays then drove the car back to North Carolina. It was another check off the bucket list because I’ve always wanted to drive [halfway] across the country solo. Of course, I’d like to do it again and be able to take my time so that I can stop at all the places and do all the things! Before I flew home for the holidays, Mitchell and I took advantage of a huge Southwest sale, and spent our anniversary in Nashville. A post about Nashville is coming, but let’s just say that I did not have huge expectations but it ended up becoming one of my favorite vacation destinations to date.

Nashville, I love you so much!

Nashville, I love you so much!

That’s my year in a nutshell! My whole life, my grandma has said that time goes so fast, and the older you get, the faster time goes. She is so right because I honestly don’t know where 2015 went. I don’t know what 2016 will bring, but I have a feeling it is going to be the best year ever!


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Deep Creek in Bryson City, North Carolina

When planning our trip to Bryson City, one of the absolute must-do activities on my list was hiking to seeing a waterfall! Luckily, with just a little planning, we were able to make this happen relatively easily. Bonus: ONE hike, THREE waterfalls!

Bryson City, North Carolina

You may remember my last post describing how I came to find out about Bryson City, which was a picture almost exactly like this one that I found on pinterest:

Bryson City, North Carolina

Well, turns out this picture is in Deep Creek, home to a ton of fun stuff to do! As though the opportunity to go tubing in the mountains alongside waterfalls wasn’t enough to make me want to go, Deep Creek also offers hiking, biking, cabins, fishing, and more, but it is specifically known for its streams and waterfalls. This is when I discovered they have a short hike that offers you not only one, but three waterfalls.

Bryson City, North Carolina

It was a simple hike to all three waterfalls. The hike to the first waterfall was the only time I would consider the endeavor an actual hike, and that was only 0.6 of a mile. This is also coming from someone who is severely out of shape. The rest of the time, we were walking along a path, and it didn’t feel like we were putting forth much effort at all.

Bryson City, North Carolina

Juney Whank Falls was the first waterfall, and also happened to be the one that I was least impressed with (yes, the one that was the most difficult to get to). Other traveler pictures show the waterfall with quite a bit more water than what we experienced, so my guess is that it was pretty dried up while we were there. Juney Whank Falls is viewed by a bridge, which adds a special touch to this particular waterfall. We also talked to a local who told us that Juney Whank Falls are said to be named after a man believed to be buried in the area, although some other locals believe Juney Whank is the Cherokee meaning for “where the bear passes”.

Juney Whank Falls in Bryson City, North Carolina

Tom’s Branch Falls is the waterfall you see so many tubers and floaters pass by, the exact waterfall that inspired our trip to Bryson City. There’s something special to me about Tom’s Branch Falls, and I think it’s just that I’m obsessed with the fact that you can tube right by it. Maybe I’m easily amused, but how many times do you get to do that in your life? We also saw some tubers set their tubes aside and climb amongst the waterfall. We weren’t wearing proper attire so we passed on that opportunity.

Bryson City, North Carolina

Indian Creek Falls was my favorite! This is also the farthest away from where you will park your car, but so worth it, especially because it truly is a simple walk! We also kept stopping to peer out at all the people tubing the river. We found ourselves surprised that we were up so high because it honestly did not feel like we were on an incline at all.

Bryson City, North Carolina

Our hikewalk (I think that should be a word) was approximately 2.4 miles total. So if you are visiting the area for a weekend, like the situation almost always is for us, then it’s perfect for a half-day activity (give or take). Instead of taking a crazy several-hour hike, we were able to see three waterfalls while also crossing off a few other items on our bucket list that day.

Bryson City, North Carolina

See that little baby waterfall behind us? That’s the Juney Whank waterfall.

Helpful Recommendations:
If you are uncomfortable with hiking, you could skip the first waterfall (Juney Whank Falls) and just walk along the more-developed paths (they’re essentially well-maintained roads) to the other two waterfalls.

Once you start the hike, there’s nowhere to buy or drink water so I recommend bringing your own. We did not plan ahead so we didn’t have water, but we were fine because the temperature was mild that day.

If you are interested in tubing, you have to carry your tube to wherever you want to start from. This might seem like common sense to some, but in my tubing history, we’ve always mapped it out to where we could end in the same place we started, or we would bring two vehicles (one to drop off at the start, and one for the end); neither of these are options here. Also, while we enjoyed watching the people tubing, I’m not sure how much they were enjoying it – the water was pretty cold, and it was also very low (and it’s rocky!). I believe the water was lower than usual when we visited, so that might not be how it always is, but I’d recommend checking it out before committing to walking a long distance with your tube!

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Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway

This is going to be one of those posts where you won’t have to listen to me talk (write?) quite so much because the pictures will speak for themselves. You’re welcome 😉

Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most beautiful drives. Read this blog to find out a little more about it!

When we went to Bryson City over Labor Day weekend, one of the things I really wanted to do was drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, which runs 469 miles through Virginia and North Carolina. While I’d love to take my time and drive the entire 469 miles someday, we drove for about 30 miles of it.

Blue Ridge Parkway views from different lookouts. Beautiful! Check out the blog to see more

When I was planning our Bryson City trip, I found myself pretty confused trying to figure out exactly where to hop on the Blue Ridge Parkway. However, once we rolled into town, I quickly learned that all you have to do is follow the signs because they are everywhere.


I honestly had no idea what to expect. I feared twisty, windy, and scary roads but that was not the case at all. The roads were very well maintained, easy to drive, and there were plenty of lookouts with convenient parking every 5-10 miles. We somehow lucked out and had most of the lookouts to ourselves, with the exception of about 2 or 3. This was surprising because we were there not only on Saturday, but Labor Day Saturday (read: busiest weekend ever).

One of the beautiful sights from a lookout on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

The first view took my breath away; I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was. I thought surely we wouldn’t beat the view but then every lookout we stopped at afterwards provided its own breath-taking, beautiful view. I could have stayed on the Blue Ridge Parkway much longer, but the sun was starting to go down.

Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina - check out more pictures on the blog

When we visited the Blue Ridge Parkway, it was cloudy. While this makes for good pictures, it does not make for good sunset-viewing.

Blue Ridge Parkway from North Carolina

We are headed back to the area again this weekend, and hope to catch the sunset and Autumn-colored trees. We also plan to take a train ride, which I’m so excited about!

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New Bern, North Carolina

New Bern, North Carolina may not be the most-visited town in North Carolina, but definitely warrants a visit if you are passing through or staying somewhere nearby.


New Bern is a small town on the river near the coast. It was named after Bern, Switzerland and there is a lot of history packed into this tiny town.


There were a lot of murals all over New Bern, adding to the charm

So why did we want to visit New Bern? For starters, it is only an hour from where we live. We also have heard that it is a charming town (literally, everyone used this adjective to describe New Bern), and you may also know that Nicholas Sparks (a famous author) lives there. He had visited New Bern, fell in love, and then moved there. So if it’s charming enough for a famous (cheesy) romance author to both live in and write about, then it must be pretty great, right?


I must admit that we didn’t even spend a full day in New Bern. I say this so that you know that you don’t have to block out an entire day to experience this town. We always start the day with good intentions to leave early and spend the entire day at our one-day destinations, but it rarely goes that way.


Even the alleys were fun to look at

We visited New Bern on a Sunday, which is relevant for a couple of reasons. First, North Carolina is very much a southern state; therefore, a lot of businesses are closed on Sundays, including restaurants. Second, I noticed as we walked around that there were a lot of fun places to grab a drink or two – I would have loved to get that experience, but of course, the bar scene isn’t exactly plentiful on a Sunday.


Pepsi Cola was founded in New Bern, and it is a place that you can visit. The building now is more of a shop where you can purchase overpriced Pepsi clothing and other souvenirs, but I still think it’s still pretty special and they do have some antique Pepsi Cola items on display. You can purchase an old fashioned bottle of Pepsi or Mountain Dew for $1.50 (so worth it).


Right across the street from the Pepsi Cola store is a beautiful church. We spend quite a bit of time admiring it, and checking out the gravestones that were in the courtyard area. New Bern has so many random places not in the tour books that I found to be both beautiful and fascinating. Even the alleys were fun to explore!


If you are visiting New Bern, Tryon Palace is an absolute must! You purchase the tickets inside of the museum, which houses a WWI display; interactive displays based on life from the 1800’s (better for kids than for adults); exhibits on the history of North Carolina/natural resources/weather; and a movie.


Tryon Palace was the original governor’s mansion and first permanent capitol for the state of North Carolina. It was ruined by a fire and has since been restored. There are several gardens on the grounds that are perfectly manicured, and I don’t know how we were so lucky to have the place to ourselves.



I do recommend visiting New Bern if you have a chance. We really enjoyed our Sunday spent there!


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